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Why do I need a buyer’s agent?

06/09/2017 | Damian Collins @ Momentum Wealth

While buyer’s agents are becoming more prevalent among property investors, these professionals are still relatively underutilised. So why should you engage a buyer’s agent when looking for your next investment property?

What You Don’t Know About Negative Gearing

28/06/2017 | Damian Collins @ Momentum Wealth

Although it’s widely believed that buying a negatively geared property is a clever investment strategy, this isn’t necessarily the case - here’s why.

4 Things to Consider When Building A Home in Perth

23/06/2017 | Craig Gemmill @ Gemmill Homes

When it comes to building a house, Perth offers a number of unique opportunities and challenges. From planning and designing to building and contracts, here’s 5 things you should consider when building your home.

Asbestos 101

20/06/2017 | Simon Moshe @ Five Star Reblocking

Oh, asbestos. It’s a bit of a four-letter word in today’s society, isn’t it? We whisper it behind cupped hands, embarrassed that it’s a conversation that we need to have. Well, be embarrassed no more.

What you need to remember when choosing a tenant for your property?

06/06/2017 | David Nicoll @ Freelancer

Upon a quick look at any landlord insurance policy, you can see that a lot of the clauses relate to doubt surrounding the tenant. There is a lot of things that can go wrong from the home owner’s perspective that relate to the tenant of the building. For example, the tenant may be unwilling or unable to pay the rent, they may damage property or contents or there may even be some legal issue between yourself and a tenant down the track.

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