How can we help you?

Easily be reminded for upcoming bill payments and never miss a bill again!

Not only does this remind you of upcoming bills but we are able to use this information to improve your ROI predictions.

How do we achieve that?

By adding a reminder you'll be notified a week prior to it's due date via both our web portal and your email.

Simply let us know what you want to be reminded of e.g. Electricity bill of approximately $550 occuring every quarter starting on the 10th of May.

Our system will take note and will notify you by email and website notifications 1 week in advance.

When you are notified of the reminder, you have the ability record the details of the reminder into a transaction. At this point, you have the ability modify the details before recording it into a transaction (because we understand what you initially estimated for may not be what actually happens). Once this is recorded, your information is safely stored on the cloud.

What can this be used for?

As you record more and more transactions, we are able to provide you with better forecasts of your expenses and income - making your MPT experience more informative and rewarding!